Project One: Learn more about your new album “Finding Your Way” - Reviewed By Gabriel Mestrinel

This blog is translated from Portuguese.

Project One is a band composed by extremely talented musicians, who recently presented a fantastic work which we will go into details below. If officially started in the year 2016 with the release of the album “Break of Down”, the group took a five-year break, leaving many fans orphaned from his work, which had been growing, but with the onset of the pandemic and with plenty of time, Project One returns on the map with the release of its new album “Finding Your Way” , and we will highlight two songs in particular.

“How We Are” is a song that presents an instrumentality around the elements of Classic Rock from the 90s. In the work itself, the artist creates a comprehensive soundscape, where he is told about a mysterious area.

Continuing, the song “Finding For You” starts with a more accelerated feel to the Hard Rock style, thus giving the perfect sound intonation for the singer to present engaging verses about meeting someone.

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Finding For You:

How Are You: