Scott Belgard
Lead, Rhythm Guitars

Scott Belgard "born 1970" is a singer-songwriter, Executive Chef, Father, Captain of the Sea, Artist Born and Raised in Freehold Borough NJ. From an early age, Scotty B was Influenced by a pleather of eclectic sounds and tones. From Country, Hard Rock, Metal, Bluegrass, Folk, Jam Bands, Soul, R&B, and just about anything with a catchy melody. Crafting his skill was a long road after essentially not practicing music from the age of twenty-five till thirty-five years of age Scott emerged and immersed himself into a soulful willingness of musical expression which can be heard in his solo works, Compromised, and group projects, Wilson-n-Main, Project One, and Picknick,   A Quote from Scott, "If it makes me tap my toe I am in". 

John Epstein
Lead, Rhythmn Guitar

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John Epstein has been playing guitar since the age of 12. Influenced by his classical training in piano and his love of rock and metal music, he has always strived to create hard driving music with a melodic hook. From Mozart to Metallica, you can hear the blend of sensibilities in his music. Under the wings of Pete Scartabello (now a composer, teacher, and film scorer), the two collaborated throughout high school and Dr. Epstein played in many other bands as well during that time.

Despite a hiatus from the instrument during medical school and his early career, Dr. Epstein came roaring back as a guest onstage with Diane Lutz (Freyah) and his 8 year old daughter Madeline (Jupiter) on bass, playing a song onstage at the Canal Room in NYC in a benefit concert, “Sing for Sight”. He was ultimately scouted for Project One after being seen playing guitar at a performance with his talented, multi-instrumental kids, Justin and Madeline. He is an ophthalmic surgeon by day, and is an avid car and photography enthusiast as well.

John Ferrigno
Drums, Percussion

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John "The Clock" Ferrigno is a drummer of unusual talent. Not only can he play whatever is in his head, he has the uncanny ability to react to the music around him. This has the effect of making his drums sing and creates a lyrical component to the rhythm, creating a seamless integration of rhythm and melody. His genius is a key part of the Project One sound and he has been a core member since the early days. He honed his chops in multiple bands throughout the years and has been heavily influenced by rock, metal and progressive bands. 

John Kelly
Lead, Backing Vocals and Guitar

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John Kelly is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia, PA. His early bands, "Plunk Fusion" & "Street Scene", supported members of major acts "Living Color", "Modern English" & "The Nazz" as well as receiving regional FM radio airplay on 93.3 WMMR & 94.1 WYSP in Philly. He also co-fronted indie band "Of The Sea" and worked in radio from 2010 to 2014 producing and hosting his own weekly on-air show for 94.5 FM in Hudson Valley, NY. John joined "Project One" in March of 2017.

Art Stephano
Bass, Synthesizer


Bassist, Multiform Musician,
Composer, Producer.

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